No company can afford not to move forward. It may be at the top of the heap today but at the bottom of the heap tomorrow, if it doesn’t.
— James Cash Penney

General Monthly Breakdown

CMC is focused on expanding and currently reinvesting the bulk of its profits in the two areas of facilities and equipment.

Reinvesting in CMC Facilities:

-going solar powered & other improvements

-building/ refurbishing facilities to take advantage of natural cooling


-facility operating/ maintenance costs

— 40% (with Plans to Reduce)

Reinvesting in CMC Equipment:


-mining equipment purchases and maintenance

— 45.5%

Reinvesting in CMC Team:

-staff salaries

-other CMC operating costs (like this website, further research, and product developments)

— 12%

CMC Community Engagement & Give Back Programs:

-sign up for the CMC newsletter to learn more

— 2.5% (with plans to Grow)


Investor Breakdown

Life of the company guarantee:

30% of gross profits will be divided up among all investors based on their contribution during CMC Token's ICO. This money will be sent out every quarter to their preferred wallet in the form of BCH, BTC, or ETH for the life of Callibeaz Mining Co. It does not depend on the investor holding onto the CMC Token itself. This is a unique and exciting aspect to CMC's crowd funding campaign. Check out the white paper for more information about CMC Token.

— 30% of gross Profits every quarter


Investment Breakdown

In keeping with CMC's current mission and the very reason for creating the CMC Token, the bulk of money raised will be spent on equipment, miners, and supporting infrastructure. Visit the white paper linked above for more information.


The largest use of funds will be purchasing equipment to optimize profits. An example of this, CMC will be purchasing a solar roof with power walls to reduce electricity costs.

— 50%

Miners & Infrastructure:

The second largest use of funds will be used purchasing miners in bulk to expand our operation to 1000 ASIC miners.

CMC will invest in infrastructure to keep the equipment and systems at peak operating conditions.

— 45%


Security is a requirement that protects our critical information from theft, leakage, and deletion.

Additional physical security measures will also be needed to protect the miners.

— 5%