Callibeaz Mining Co Token

White Paper




Callibeaz Mining Co (CMC) is a family owned and operated cryptocurrency mining operation located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. CMC is proud to be a crowd funded operation that is fast growing and will join a larger international market by 2019. CMC is expanding its operation to 1000 ASIC miners to be able to compete in the international mining market. To accomplish this growth, CMC is launching Callibeaz Mining Co. Tokens to fund this next stage of expansion and the required  mining equipment. At CMC, we use ASIC miners to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. While some of these machines have higher electricity costs than other miners on the market, they also yield higher profits and are easier to maintain. As a way to further increase their profitability, CMC will be adding a TESLA solar roof and power walls to provide power for the miners. These steps and others are not solely driven by profits. CMC’s core values include the belief in the eco-responsibilities of individuals and businesses, and so, the business strives to reduce its own environmental impacts.


To make CMC’s presence noteworthy in the ICO market, we are offering 10% of the quarterly profits for the life of the company to be split among our ICO investors. There are no restrictions regarding holding or trading coins. This offer is for anyone that purchases CMC Tokens during the ICO phase. While CMC would prefer, of course, that you HODL, what you do with the Tokens afterwards is entirely up to you. 

If you invest in CMC Tokens, we will distribute each contributor’s share at the beginning of every new quarter. The first quarter ICO incentive distribution will take place on January 5, 2019 for the last quarter of the year (October 1, 2018-December 31, 2018), which is why the ICO ends September 3, 2018. This will allow CMC to purchase and set up the new equipment in time to be fully operational by October 1, 2018 (See the timeline for more details on this). An investor’s share is based on their ICO contribution in terms of the percentage of Tokens purchased.

This ICO incentive will be distributed to the investor’s registered ERC20 wallet address. They will be asked to provide the address when registering as a user on Callibeaz Mining Co’s website. A preference of payment will also be collected at that time. CMC will send ICO incentive payments out in the form of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Ethereum to the registered wallet address. 


CMC Token is a form of currency based on the ERC20 Token Standard which will be used in the given crowd sale, on top of Ethereum’s Smart Contract to eliminate any counter-party factors and allow secure payments to participants. 

  • The CMC Token will be used as the only way to invest in Callibeaz Mining Co.
  • There will only ever be 21,000,000 CMC Tokens. There will not every be another round of ICOs or the release of more Tokens.
  • March 2018, CMC plans to open a mining pool of its own. Which allows individuals to receive 50% off weekly pool fees by using CMC token as a payment.

- After the ICO is over, CMC Tokens will be available to be traded or purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. (Binance, OKEx, HitBTC etc.)



The CMC Token is a unique and valuable opportunity for investors in the cryptocurrency market to expand their profits beyond what they see in the exchanges. CMC is the first incentive based cryptocurrency mining operation that has no restrictions on an investor’s Tokens. This means if an investor wishes to trade their CMC Tokens, it will not affect their share of the quarterly ICO incentive. Their share is locked in at the time of contribution during the ICO phase and remains in place for the life of the company. 

Cryptocurrency mining is a multi-billion dollar industry, and currently, CMC is currently a small part of that. However, by expanding facilities and purchasing a thousand more ASIC machines, CMC will become a bigger contender in the mining market. CMC will continue to grow beyond this initial expansion. At CMC’s headquarters, we are always testing and researching ways to improve the functionality of the equipment, as well as ways to reduce the cost and environmental impact. So, it was an easy decision to include the purchase of a TESLA solar power roof with power walls into CMC’s Token fund raising. By pursuing solar energy, CMC will not only be taking great steps towards a self-powered mining company, it will also massively cut or even eliminate electricity costs and increase profitability two fold (This statistic is based on June 8th data for mining Bitcoin).

CMC is a family owned and operated mining center. We are excited to offer investors a chance to join this unique incentive based mining operation, and to help grow this United States based business into a serious competitor in the global market. CMC is dedicated to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, not only in the terms of cutting edge equipment, but also in the ways of sustainable growth and business practices. We are excited to share our future with those who are ready to make passive income.


The Callibeaz Mining Co. team is driven to achieve their daily objectives by these principles. 

1. Discipline & dedication: We are committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve CMC goals and sticking to our development roadmap to build a business that is self sufficient and profitable. We hold ourselves to high standards and our timeline is a contract with ourselves.

2. Student like mentality: We have a team from diverse backgrounds that have already proven themselves capable. Still, we all know, smart people can go far, and smarter people can go farther. So, we strive to continue learning both personally and professionally. This commitment keeps the creative and problem solving juices flowing as we build more skills and … 

3. Develop professional & mentoring relationships: Steve Jobs said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” We couldn’t agree more. While our little team has accomplished some great feats so far, we know and understand the importance of working with others that have greater experience or different expertise can help us grow CMC. We actively tap into and build relationships.

4. Sharing & giving back: Sharing in the wealth was part of the plan from day one. CMC Token is one way we came up with to do just that. Like Steve Jobs said above, teams accomplish great things. So, it makes sense that our core principles involve opening up the company to include others. CMC Token is the first gateway. The second, is our outreach and community engagement program under development. We are passionate about educating and providing help to people who want to learn about the cryptocurrency world and market.

5. Commitment to green practices: The goal for CMC is to be power neutral and a zero-waste facility. When talking about a mining operations, there are definitely monetary benefits to using solar or other off-grid power sources. However, the desire to be eco-friendly stems more from the philosophy, "Leave it better than when you found it," than from any financial argument. It is a principle we live by even at our homes. So, we take the trolley (its free in Knoxville), pack our lunch in mason jars like the cool kids, and generally work not just to reduce our impact, but to have a positive one.


CMC is working towards becoming the largest mining company in the United States with its own mining pool. The ultimate vision for Callibeaz Mining Co is to pioneer the United States involvement in mining and doing it in a responsible and sustainable way. It is also the vision of CMC to involve and share the knowledge with everyone.

3.1 Development Roadmap

2018  January
- Form Callibeaz Mining Co team & begin planning

2018 February
- Formalize CMC business plan with up to date research for the cryptocurrency mining market, Token creation, ASIC miners, and electrical systems

2018 March
Start inquiring for commercial leases to establish headquarters 

2018 April
Start purchasing ASIC miners (Bitmain Antminer S9’s, L3’s, E3’S)

2018 May
Finish CMC’s business account
- Established headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee

2018 June
Complete White Paper
- Complete website
- Create CMC Tokens
- Complete KYC registration

2018 July 1st
ICO starts @18:00 EDT $0.25 = 1 CMC token

2018 July
- Promote CMC Token
- Prepare channels for communicating with CMC Investors

2018 August
Meet with community partners about needs
- Develop educational program

2018 September
Implement educational program through... 
- Create & distribute first CMC community newsletter

2018 October 1st
ICO ends @18:00 EDT 

2018 October 3rd
CMC Token distribution

2018 October
Install Tesla solar roof and Tesla power walls
- Share progress and other information with CMC Investors

2018 November
Expansion to 1000 ASIC miners

2018 December
First quarterly incentive (30%) pay out, sent to ERC20 compatible wallet address by January 5, 2019

2019  January
- Establish CMC’s secondary headquarters
- Expansion to 2500 ASIC miners
- Company meeting to discuss next leg of expansion and development

2019 February
- Create next progress update & future plans for CMC Investor newsletter
- Create & distribute the CMC community newsletter

2019 March
- Release of CMC Mining Pool Servers



4.1 Information

  • CMC’s Token crowd sale event will begin on July 1, 2018 at 18:00 EDT and end October 1, 2018 at 18:00 EDT.

  • Conversion rate: 1 CMC Token = $0.25 USD 

  • 21,000,000 CMC Tokens created in total.

  • 19,000,000 CMC Tokens are for the crowd sale (90% of the total tokens created)

  • 2,000,000 CMC Tokens are for listings on exchanges (10% of the total tokens created)

  • Coins supported for contribution - Ethereum (ETH)

  • Minimum sale contribution equivalent value of $50.00 USD

  • Maximum sale contribution equivalent value of $1,000,000 USD

  • TOKENS WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED UNTIL AFTER ICO ENDS ON OCTOBER 1ST. Tokens will be distributed by October 3rd.

4.2 How to participate

  1. Go to (Yay! You are already here!) 
  2. From the navigation bar select “Buy CMC Tokens” (or click this link) and you will be redirected to the contribution site.
  3. Decide how many tokens you would like to buy. ($0.25 USD = 1 CMC Token)
  4. Use the ETH conversion table to the right to determine the amount of ETH to send based on the amount of CMC Tokens you would like.
    For example: 
    $0.25 x 200 Tokens = $50
    Then use the conversion table to determine the amount of ETH that equals $50.
  5. Send the amount of ETH coins to the generated address found in your registration email.*
  6. Your contribution is now complete.

Additional Information:
Note — CMC Tokens will be distributed after the ICO ends. ICO ends October 1, 2018 at 18:00 (EDT). Tokens will be distributed by October 3, 2018.  

*Register — Sign up for the special CMC investor email here.CMC will never sell or give out your information. This is purely to communicate growth and profits.

Please Be Aware — You can ONLY send your coins (ETH) from a ERC20 compatible wallet. If you send coins from a Non - ERC20 compatible wallet, your coin WILL BE LOST. Avoid this, Callibeaz Mining Co is not responsible for your lost coins. 


50% - Equipment:

The largest use of funds will be purchasing equipment to optimize profits. An example of this, CMC will be purchasing a solar roof with power walls to reduce electricity costs.

45% - Miners & Infrastructure:

The second largest use of funds will be used purchasing miners in bulk to expand our operation to 1000 ASIC miners.

CMC will invest in infrastructure to keep the equipment and systems at peak operating conditions.

5% - Security: 

Security is a requirement that protects our critical information from theft, leakage, and deletion.

Additional physical security measures will also be needed to protect the miners.


Product Development Director

Jeffery is the heart, soul, and brains behind Callibeaz Mining Co. He started the business in February of 2018 after years following and trading on the cryptocurrency market. He grew CMC from the ground up with the goal of creating a business that not only connects people all over the US and world, the way that only the internet can, but also that is ecologically conscious, sustainable, and profitable.

Jeffery also plans to involve the Knoxville community in Callibeaz Mining Co's growth, melding the ideas of local business and global economies. Sign up for the CMC newsletter to follow the journey and learn other ways to get involved in the Knoxville area.

Communications Director
Outreach Coordinator

Amanda joined Callibeaz Mining Co shortly after its inception to lend business and design expertise. She has held positions in small companies, often acting in many roles. She has served as office manager, product and graphic designer, marketing specialist, among others.

Amanda has also been heavily involved with Knoxville community programs and organizes CMC's community outreach programming.

Electrical Engineer
Security Engineer

7. KYC

To comply with worldwide Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) rules, we need to know who is contributing funds to Callibeaz Mining Co. Therefore, a “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) procedure will be carried out before any CMC Tokens are issued. The primary objective of token sale registration is to enforce a mandatory “Know-Your-Customer” check to prevent identity theft, terrorist financing, money laundering, and financial fraud.

1. Automated - Your details, as provided by you, will be checked against public sanctions and alert lists. This step will be performed by a third-party KYC solution.

2. Manual - If the automated step is successful, we will manually verify that the information provided matched the identification document photos submitted by you.


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Certain statements, estimates, and financial information contained within this White Paper constitute forward-looking, or pro-forma statements, and information. Such statements or information involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties which may cause actual events or results to differ materially from the estimates or the results implied or expressed in such forward-looking statements. 

Nothing published by, or republished from, Callibeaz Mining Co. should be interpreted as investment advice. Information is provided for educational and amusement purposes only. Callibeaz Mining Co. is in no way providing trading or investment advice. Please consult with your appropriate licensed professional before making any financial transactions, including any investments related to ideas or opinions expressed, past, present, or future by the aforementioned entities and any future entities that may operate under the parent entities. Callibeaz Mining Co. does not intend to express financial, legal, tax, or any other advice and any conclusions drawn from statements made by, or on, Callibeaz Mining Co. shall not be deemed to constitute advice in any jurisdiction.