Callibeaz Mining Co

CMC is a family owned and operated cryptocurrency mining company located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. CMC is a fast growing crowd funded operation that will join the international market by 2019. At CMC, we use ASIC miners to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Share the wealth

CMC is creating a self sufficient revenue stream that benefits itself and its investors.

CMC is expanding its current operation by 1000 miners to be able to compete in the international mining market. To accomplish this growth, CMC is launching Callibeaz Mining Co Tokens (also known as CMC Token). The resulting funds will be used to purchase equipment and upgrade the facility.

A multi-million dollar corporation by the end of the year — Callibeaz Mining Co will be competitive in the global market.

Good Stewardship 

CMC strives to be power neutral, even negative, by using various eco-friendly technologies to power the facilities.

As a way to further increase profitability, CMC will be adding a solar roof and power walls to reduce electricity costs and in keeping with CMC's mission towards an environmentally responsible company.

The facilities are also strategically located to take advantage of natural cooling effects and ventilation, as well as, easy for biking to work. 

The CMC team is dedicated to maintaining a zero-waste workplace. Lunch in a mason jar anyone? There is recycling for anything unavoidable, like cardboard boxes and any mining computers are repaired, reused, or recycled. 


Community Engagement

CMC is also dedicated to global and local community engagement including education about the cryptocurrency world and other work with non-profits.

It is also the goal of the company to benefit the community through business and education by way of local partnerships to encourage and financially support many aspects of need including, those who wish to learn mining and the crypto-currency world for themselves, as well as programs that provide food, job training, education, and other community projects, non-profits, and scholarships.